Art-cafe "19.53" The winner of the contest "Golden Arch 2011" nomination "Opening of the Year". For restaurateur Dmitry Svertilov and the family of restaurants "Seat & Eat;" Design: Evdokimov E. Artist: Brazhensky A. Decorator: Saipudinov M. The idea - to create a "little different" cafe, found its reflection in the game of opposites. The first room is gray, colder and brutal with a lot of metal and glass elements, the second is more chamber and intimate with walls of wood panels of wine color. Frager is black, plates are white. The name of the cafe is the year the building was built is interpreted as the time 19:53. The halls are also adhered to the time frame, since the first is more designed for daytime and the second for evening. The theme of time with a thin red line goes through all the stylistics and finds reflections in the details of the interior as part of the mechanisms of the clock. All decorative elements, ranging from furniture and lighting to decorative cornices, ventilation systems were invented, designed and manufactured specifically for this cafe