Cafe "BelleVille" in Odessa. For a chain of restaurants seat & eat. Belleville is a French pastry shop and a cross between a coffee shop and a restaurant where it is equally nice to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. The French style is observed here in everything, beginning with the presence of traditional for this country combination of colors (blue, white and red) and ending with a small and very cozy area of ​​this room. The conciseness of space, however, did not cause the absence of innovative techniques in the interior. Rather, on the contrary - it made me look for new solutions.   One of them - skillful decoration of the ventilation and air conditioning system. All communications are hidden under a gypsum-made exquisite ornament of the ceiling's ceiling. Walls with elements of anti-covetics convince that the cafe was always there. And the design of the doors when fully open allows you to combine the internal and external space. Design: Evdokimov E. Molded decor: company "Tradition" Decorator: Dekonasidze G.